International Wigner Workshop (IW2) 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Waikoloa, Hawaii

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International Wigner Workshop (IW2)

International Wigner Workshop (IW2) 2015
Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hilton Hawaiian Hotel, Waikoloa, HW


The meeting room for IW2 is the Water's Edge Boardroom - please see the map of the Hotel ; the meeting room is in the upper right circular part of the turquois area.

General Information

ISANN’15 will host the 1st International Wigner Workshop (IW2) 2015 on Sunday, November 29, and organized by the Wigner Initiative. This workshop will bring together researchers to foster discussion on the current state and future directions of Wigner-related research. All areas of Wigner research related to nanostructures are welcome. The workshop will be composed of 3-4 overview talks, lasting 30-40 minutes each, to set the stage. The overview talks are complemented by short talks, lasting 10-15 minutes each, to present some data. Aside from the regular selection process, the organization committee will select 3-4 presenters from the submitted registrations, and invite them to upgrade their talk to an overview talk. Regular research talks on the applications of Wigner functions to nanostructures and nano devices should be submitted to ISANN, as there will be a dedicated special session on Wigner functions. Potential contributors to either the special session or the workshop are encouraged to submit to both, the special session and the workshop.

Workshop Chairs
David Ferry (Arizona State University, USA)

Josef Weinbub (TU Wien, Austria)

Program Committee
Irena Knezevic (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Mihail Nedjalkov (TU Wien, Austria)
Siegfried Selberherr (TU Wien, Austria)


The final program for IW2 is now available

Workshop Booklet

The worskhop booklet for IW2 is now available


Please return the completed registration to

Deadline for registration: September 15, 2015


An overview of the International Wigner Workshop series is provided at

Contact: For questions about this workshop please contact